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Visit Michele Kaufman at Noni’s for the most professional, efficient, experienced hair colorist in the Vail Valley area. Book online now or call/text (970) 376-3010 or email Michele to schedule your appointment.


  • Michelle has been doing my hair for quite a few years, and she cares a lot about each one of her clients professionally and personally! She does a really nice job, which is probably why she has so many clients! It’s always a happy place to be – sitting in her chair!


  • Michele has helped my hair come back to life! I have very fine hair and a lot of it and I can never seem to grow it out. Michele told me to only dry my hair and use my flat iron when absolutely necessary. The heat was apparently causing a lot of breakage. Not only did she help my hair go from thin and short to thick and long, she always creates a unique and very natural looking color with numerous low lights and highlights. This last time I went to see her she had me try some tape-in hair extensions. What a difference they made. I have been getting so many compliments! Thank you Michele!

    Donna J.