Smudging: This trend started a few years ago but has been quickly gaining in popularity. After theĀ hair is highlighted and washed out, Michele would apply a glaze to just the newly highlighted regrowth area, to “smudge” or blur with a darker color. While she’s perfected the technique for blondes, “smudging” can be done on any color, as long as you’re going lighter.


Building up Color with Hair Extensions: For people that want a no-commitment color change, Michele tapes in human hair in any color you desire. It typically lasts 8 weeks and we can re-use the hair every 8 weeks up to three times. In addition to color, it can build up your length and/or fullness.




Color Melting: While highlighting using foils, Michele will melt in a few different colors on the same strand of hair for a multi-tonal natural effect. The process takes the same amount of time as a standard highlight and can help with the hair appearing more natural for a longer period of time, thus, allowing you to wait more time between appointments.



Balayage & Ombre: Balayage, which means ‘to sweep’ in French, has less noticeable and much softer regrowth lines than traditional highlights. .It can be applied to any already processed or natural hair color. The color placement is very soft and subtle, using a freehand technique versus foil. Michele, creates peaks and valleys of natural looking highlights in your hair with Balayage. Ombre has a very similar subtle look applied just to the lower section of the hair with the transition from the lighter ends will be shorter and graduated in tone. With Ombre, Michele will place the lightener horizontally, with full saturation of the section of hair. She then blends upward to diffuse the line. Both Balayage and Ombre results in a very low maintenance routine.



White-Blonde Highlights: These are popular if you want to look like you just got off the beach. The process uses traditional foiling and gives your hair more body than a traditional highlight. Michele can help you look more sun-kissed with this trending technique.






Pony Lights & Baby Lights: Pony lights are the new Ombre trend hitting the nation. These Ombre strands frame your face, bringing a halo-like effect around your face, brightening both the face and neck. Baby Lights are very thin, delicate, highlights using a very fine color technique to mimic that which is achieved if your hair is naturally lightened by the sun. To create this look, Michele focuses on the following three areas: your hairline, your hair’s natural parting, and the ends of your hair.