Summer is almost here and your hair has been hiding under your beanies, your ski helmets, your baseball caps and your bike helmets. In the winter, your hair tends to get dry, unruly, and a little more difficult to maintain. Here are four things you can do to get your hair back to healthy, vibrant, beautiful locks!

  1. Protect your hair and scalp from sun damage this summer and all year round with Coola, SPF 30 Hair mist. Coola is good for all hair types including color treated hair. Spritz it on before sun exposure for the best results. You can apply it directly to your hair and scalp when dry or wet.
  2. Don’t over wash your hair. In general, we recommend washing with shampoo twice a week. The rest of the week, simply rinse and condition. The best shampoos to use on your hair for twice a week shampooing include: Oloplex and Loreal Serie Expert. You can also find both in our salon.
  3. malibu shampoo for swimmersIf you are a swimmer, you will need to clarify once a week with Malibu Swimmer’s Shampoo. Clarifying your hair, will strip the chlorine and impurities out of your cuticle and restore your hair back to its original color. If you are not a swimmer, you should clarify your hair once a month with Malibu Hard Water Wellness
  4. Did you know that wind is very bad for your hair? It strips all its natural ceramides out. A ceramide is a type of lipid and a natural component of your hair. They are found in the cuticles of your hair which is the outermost layer that provides strength and protects your hair shaft. Ceramides promote moisture retention and elasticity of your hair, and aid in strengthening your hair. All that being said, make sure to protect your hair from excess wind when boating, riding in your convertibles, biking, rafting, water skiing and more, by wearing hats or caps.

Be sure to stop into our salon or call Michele at Vail Hair Colorist at (970) 376-3010 if you have any questions, need help restoring your hair or would like to purchase any of these products mentioned above. We would love to help.