Privacy Policy

We, at Vail Hair Colorist, understand that your personal details have been entrusted to us with the expectation that this important information will remain absolutely private and safe at all times.

Any personal information given to us by you, either in the salon or via our website, will only be used within the boundaries of our Privacy Policy, as outlined below, to provide you with a better service. By providing us with your data either in person, by post or via our website, you are consenting to us storing and using your personal information in accordance with this Policy.Personal information you may provide to us includes your full name, address, telephone number(s) and email address(es). Information we store for our own administration purposes may also include the dates of your visits, the services we provided and any offers you may have used.

We, at Vail Hair Colorist, can assure you that your personal information is used only for the following:

  1. our own records
  2. to provide you (either by post, email or text message) with information regarding or relating to:
    1. your forthcoming appointment
    2. our products and or services
    3. our current offers and promotions, or
    4. changes to any of our policies or terms and conditions unless you have specified that you do not wish for us to do so when providing the information.

Your personal information is NEVER supplied to a third party without your consent. Please note that this Privacy Policy only applies to Vail Hair Colorist and does not apply to other companies whose websites may be linked to ours, and that we cannot be held responsible for the protection and privacy of any data you may provide to these websites.

Credit or debit card details provided to us in order to make payments to Vail Hair Colorist are only used by us for this purpose only.

Your information is protected from unauthorized access and stored on servers in a secure setting. It is only available to those employees of Vail Hair Colorist who require the information in order to perform their role or duties within the company. These employees are bound contractually to comply with our Privacy Policy.

A copy of the information we hold about you can be requested under the Data Protection Act 1998 by writing to:

The Michele Kaufman
PO Box
Edwards, CO 81632

or emailing:

A small fee will be payable.

If, for any reason, the information we hold about you is incorrect or incomplete, please do contact us as soon as possible and we will amend the data.

Or if, for any reason, you do not want us to store information about you any longer, you may contact us at any time at the above address. We will then delete the data, unless it is necessary to keep it in order to continue to provide a service to you as a client (at the Manager’s discretion).