K18 Biomimetic Hairscience spent approximately 10 years scanning and testing all amino acid sequences across the whole human hair keratin genome before finally discovering one very unique sequence that can bring even the worst type of damaged hair, back to its original and youthfull state. This bioactive peptide is the K18Peptide™.

Most raditional conditioning products help to conceal damaged hair. They hydrate the outer layer of hair without repairing the broken bonds located at the core.

Traditional rebonding products patch up the damaged hair. These products repair broken bonds in the cortex, but they are similar to a hard glue and wash out when you wash your hair.

Hair becomes damaged when products are sitting on it.

Your hair becomes needier and requires more attention and product as you use more product. This causes more unnecessary stress to strands…it is a vicious cycle. 

Although your hair may look good  with product and after applying some sort of heat, it does not necessarily translate into hair feeling good or being healthy.

With K18, the damage doesn’t have to be permanent. K18 renews hair from the inside to heal damage by repairing the broken polypeptide chains (keratin chains) responsible for hair’s strength and elasticity. This restores strength, softness, smoothness and bounce for healthier, more youthful hair.

This K18Peptide™ is the perfect size, allowing it to fit into the keratin chains and reconnect the broken chains. As a result of this reconnection, any disulfide bonds that were disturbed are also re-conformed.

The K18 peptide employs biomimetics to get the job done. In other words, it learns from and mimic nature. And because the hair recognizes it as natural, it is not washed away by water or shampoo, which makes it a more genuine and lasting solution for damaged strands than traditional bonding agents.